Pig Care Basics

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Pigs are very smart creatures. They develop their own social hierarchies with herd dynamics. Individually pigs have complex emotions and thoughts. Pigs are happiest when they live with other pigs so if you’re getting one it would be best to get two.

Pigs Like to Challenge Others to Dominance

Pigs are known for showing behavioral issues that “challenge” other animals or people, this includes lunging at them, or nipping at them to get attention. Pigs play these games with each other. If they do this to you and you move away, they think they won and they’re dominant over you.

Showing Your Pig that You Are Boss

One way to correct this type of behavior is to set boundaries with a stick and defend that bubble as your personal space. Use the stick as an extension of yourself and position it so that your pig bumps into it. If they stop and don’t run into the stick (your space), reward them with a pet and scratch with the stick.

This lets the pig know where your space is and warns them not to enter it unless invited.

These behaviors work with other pigs because they work out a certain dynamic in the herd where every pig has a position, including the leader. Pigs need a leader because in the wild the leader would make herd decisions like where to sleep, eat and drink from.

Pigs ultimately feel safe when they know they have a leader so make sure that is you or else the “leader pig” will think he can do whatever he wants/

Having more pigs will mean that they will greatly reduce these shows of dominance because they can work out dynamics socially, which is natural to them.

How Do Pigs Get Along with Other Animals?

Pigs can get along with other animals but are best with other pigs. Riskier than allowing goats with pigs is allowing pigs and dogs to be in the same space. In this case, the dogs are predators, and pigs are the prey. Without human supervision, there is a great chance that attacks, and injuries will break out.

More often than not, pigs will have problems with other animals. Some cases can be completely fine, but it depends on the environment and the attention of the owner/keeper.

How Do Pigs Get Along with Other Pigs?

Pigs are inherently prey animals. This means they can easily feel threatened, so they feel much safer when they are around other pigs. They will eat, play, sleep together and sort out herd dynamics.

Other animals can’t provide the same companionship, enrichment, physical, and mental stimulation that pigs can. Pigs can become depressed and bored without a companion, this could possibly lead to them exhibiting destructive behaviors.

With one solitary pig,  it is you who will have to provide the mental and physical stimulation to keep your pig happy and socially satisfied.

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