Best Animal Homes

Each animal has its own specific needs for housing. Many animals can use existing structures such as chickens and goats. But, other animals have specific needs. Bees need a beehive, quail need housing that keeps them contained. Rabbits can have cages or be free-ranged in a colony. Check out some of the best animal houses that I’ve been able to find.

Quail Hutches For City Life

I haven’t used these hutches because I have plenty of land and haven’t wanted to raise quail in small areas. But, if I had to raise quail in the city, I would try these first. They seem to be better than other bird hutches I could find, although they do need to be put together properly or they can be flimsy. Other quail owners really like the stackable cages and they are the right size for single hens.

Rabbit Cubes For A Colony

These cubes work well to create and expand a rabbit colony. They may need to be strengthened with zip ties, but they are adjustable and make an easy way to customize your own colony.


Feature Photo Credit: furtwangl Flickr

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