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Best Feed For Quail, Turkeys, and Pheasants

Quail, turkeys, and pheasants need a game bird feed. They will not be healthy on a chicken feed. Chickens need less protein than quail, turkeys or pheasants. Game-bird feed can be hard to find locally. I recommend this wild game-bird feed on Amazon. It ships free with Prime.

Best Duck Food

Ducklings have different needs than fully-grown ducks and different needs from chicks. I know what many people will feed their ducks chicken feed, but it doesn’t make for the healthiest ducks. I start my ducklings out on this duck started feed from Amazon. Then I recommend switching them to an organic non-medicated chicken and duck feed. Never feed ducks medicated chicken feed. They eat more and will over-medicate.

Best Chicken Food

Chicks need a started formula. The non medicated formula from MannaPro comes in pellets so the chicks are less likely to choke. It has 18% protein and can be used for ducks as well.  Layers need more calcium and protein than meat chickens. They also have a Layer formula feed for hens that is pretty good. But my favorite layer feed is the H and H feed. It comes corn-free – which means more nutrients for your hens. It also has 19% protein, which is best for laying hens.

Chickens, quail, and ducks need grit to help with their digestion. Chick Grit works great for that and includes probiotics to help with digestion.

Chicken Treats: 

Chickens, quail, and ducks all love mealworms as a treat. You can raise your own or buy them. I like the Picky Neb mealworms on Amazon for a fast treat. If you are buying them in bulk, then these mealworms are the best value and option.

Crickets are another treat that’s loved by chickens and packed with protein.

Chicken Feed Containers

One of the very best chicken feeders out there is the Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeder. It keeps the food mess to a minimum, which doesn’t attract rodents as much. Fewer rodents mean fewer predators following the rodents and less danger to your chickens. I don’t have one yet, but this is definitely on my list of things to buy before winter when free-ranging won’t be as good of an option.

Chicken waterers are an important part of keeping water cool or warm, depending on the season and temperatures. Chickens need water. It is more vital to them than food. In the summer, they prefer and do better with cooler water. This galvanized watering tub helps to keep the water cooler during hot months.  In the winter, unfrozen water becomes the biggest watering issue. This Little Giant Black Rubber Feeder absorbs more of the sun’s rays and keeps water unfrozen for longer. You can also try these tips.

Best Brewers Yeast

Brewers yeast is a dietary supplement. People eat it, but it is also really good for animals. Add it to chicken or duck feed for better digestion. This brewers yeast on Amazon is food-grade quality. This one also works great and is formulated for poultry.

Best Game Bird Feed For Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, and Other Game Birds

This game bird feed has a higher protein mix (28%) that gamebirds need. Guinea fowl need a higher protein while they are growing to be healthy. Turkeys also need higher protein.

Best Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is sediment that is found in lakes and rivers. It is used to kill parasites and bugs. Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe for your animals to consume and will help them to keep their wool, feathers, or hair clean. Sprinkle it in bedding to keep pests away. It can also be consumed. This one is food grade and safe for human consumption also.

Best Salt Block For Sheep, Goats, and Cattle

Both sheep and goats need salt or their health will suffer. This salt block doesn’t contain additional minerals so the animals can regulate how much they need without risking a salt overdose while seeking other minerals. This pan makes it easy to keep the block off the ground and cleaner.

Best Sheep and Goat Mineral Mix

Goats need certain minerals and vitamins for good health. Minerals should be offered with free access. This container is great for offering loose minerals. This mineral blend is very good for goats and is specially formatted for goats. Don’t use it for sheep as sheep need less copper than goats.

This probiotic will keep your goats rumen functioning smoothly. It can be used it on 3 or4-day kids and when goats get ill to help them get better faster.

This selenium and vitamin e gel helps to correct a selenium deficiency. Goats can overdose on selium so make sure to give the correct amounts for the breed and age of your goats.

This nutritional supplement is a rapid way to increase milk production and give struggling animals a boost of energy. Use it for sick animals to help them last.

Copper is necessary for goats and a deficiency will show in dull coats. This supplement is for adult goats and should be measured differently for babies.

B vitamins are necessary to help goats overcome anemia, healthy metabolism, and neurological function. A severe deficiency can cause death. This supplement is injectable and this paste can be used for less critical situations.

Iron is a vital mineral for goats. This liquid supplement works great as does this pelleted supplement.

Best Winter Waterers For Animals

In the winter, it is vital that your animals have fresh water. Otherwise, they will get dehydrated and are at a much higher risk of freezing to death or getting sick. Many animals, such as chickens, actually struggle to regulate their body heat without enough water.

If you have a regular waterer jug, this 125-watt water base heater will help to keep your water from freezing.  This water heater sits inside the water and will keep your water from freezing. It works with nipple waterers also.

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