Best Animal Accessories

Best Heat Lamps

Ceramic heat lamps don’t give off a lot of light and are safe for ducklings and chicks. This one on Amazon works great and lasts for many many years.

Quail Egg Shell Cutters

Quail eggs are pretty tough. Most places recommend boiling the egg and rolling it to crumble and peel it. But, that doesn’t work if you want to crack it before cooking. These quail eggshell cutters are on Amazon and make it easy to cut through the eggshell for cooking.

Supplies For Lambs And Goats

When mating sheep, it helps to have a marker to track which males mate with which females. It also helps to make sure that your females have been mated within a specific timeframe so you can time the birthing season. This ram marking harness makes it easy.

If you delivering baby lambs or kids, it helps to have some lube on hand. Lube makes it easier to pull a stuck kid out of a mamma. I recommend this lube for delivering kids and lambs.


You will need to make sure to trim your goat and sheep’s hooves. This goat and lamb hoof trimmer works well and will make the job easy.

Goats need mineral supplements. You can purchase a mineral block or offer loose minerals for your goats, but providing minerals is essential to maintaining your goat’s health. Sheep can lick goat’s mineral blocks, but if you purchase a mineral block specifically for sheep, be careful not to let your goats lick it as they can get copper toxicity from a sheep block.

Chicken Plucker

If you decide to raise chickens for meat, then plucking them is probably your most dreaded task. This automatic plucker will save you about 20+ minutes a bird and the hassle of plucking.  Another option is to simply skin the chicken and freeze it skinless.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Sun International South Africa Flickr

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