How To Keep Your Chickens Healthy

Keep your chicken healthy by cleaning their feed and water dishes
  1. Make sure you clean their feed and water dishes. You don’t want them getting sick from eating or drinking something they shouldn’t.
  2. Ward off bacteria. Add one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) to one gallon of their drinking water. This helps keep unhealthy organisms from growing as well as the green slime that appears now and then. It also helps the chickens digest their food and encourages the good bacteria to grow in their digestive system.
  3. Provide Freedom. Chickens love to wander and be free. Give them plenty of space to scratch, run, and play. If your chickens aren’t free range provide them with a chicken run if you have room.
  4. Monitor for issues. Check on your chickens and observe them. Each chicken has a different attitude and personality. If you notice something off, check on them.
  5. Provide healthy food. Make sure you are giving them feed that is right for them. For example, laying hens need a diet higher in calcium than younger hens. When buying feed, keep the hen’s age in mind, you could use starter feed for chicks, grower feed for birds that aren’t quite laying, and feed higher in calcium for hens that are.

Annemaria Duran

Hi, I’m Annemaria Duran. I moved out to the country 6 years ago, mainly so I could have more land. I love all aspects of country living. First, we got chickens, then ducks. Now we have sheep, goats, and rabbits. I'm always learning and love sharing it!

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