Winter and Summer Tools To Keep Animals Healthy

Extreme heat and extreme cold are dangerous for your animals. Each animal has different needs to stay healthy. Many of them adjust well to heat and cold as long as they have a well-ventilated, draft-free shelter.

But, in extreme cold, water can freeze, mildew runs rampant, and other dangers lurk. Here are several things that can help you keep your animals healthy all winter long.

Best Waterers During Cold Winter Months

There are several ways to keep water from freezing.  But, if you live where I live, sub-freezing temperatures can sometimes beat even the best efforts.

This 125-watt simple heater base will help to keep water from freezing. It won’t warm the water but will keep it just cool enough to avoid freezing.  You can also use this water heater that sits inside the water to keep it warmer.


Both water heaters work well for the large capacity waterers and the nipple waterers. If you have a small flock, this pet bowl heater will also work.

Safe Coop Heaters

Generally, chicken coops don’t need to be heated. They should NEVER be heated with a heat lamp. Heat lamps cause a major fire risk. Chickens can fly into them and catch their feathers on fire. They can fall and light bedding and other parts of the coop on fire.

But, if you live in an area that stays below zero or gets down to -20 F, then your chickens and other animals may need a little extra help to stay warm and safe.

The CL Safe Coop Heater is a much safer way to go. It’s a low wattage heater that allows chickens to stand next to it safely and provides heat.

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