Raising Chickens

Learn everything you need to know about raising chickens on your homestead or in your backyard.

Chickens are one of the most versitile farm animals, some families even raise them in apartments!

Free range chickens are able to roam the outdoors freely DLXs final

Uncover Your Passion For Raising Chickens!

Raising chickens is more than just a hobby. For many, chickens become a beloved part of the family, bonding with children and performing tricks for food. You’ll love home-raised eggs, full of nutrients and vitamins. And if you raise chickens for meat- you’ll discover tastier chicken than any store can provide!

Chickens love to eat grasses, seeds, and broadleaf weeds


Learn everything you need to know about raising your chickens from building coops, to caring for health problems and more.



Expressive, playful personalities, ducks are a beloved part of the homestead. Duck eggs are higher in fat and protein. Explore the best breed for your family.

The number of brooder ducklings in a duck brooder depends on its size
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Geese, Quail, Turkeys

Learn about less common types of birds to raise and their particular needs and temperaments. There’s a reason these birds are gaining popularity.


Pheasants and Other Birds

Learn about breeds of wilder birds that are raised for meat and eggs. You can even learn about peacocks.

Best Quail to Rase Chestnut Quail

Chicken Care Articles

Welcome to our dedicated space for all things related to chicken care, where both novice backyard keepers and experienced poultry farmers will find a wealth of knowledge to ensure the health, happiness, and productivity of their flocks. In this category, we cover an extensive range of topics designed to guide you through every aspect of chicken husbandry.

From the basics of setting up a coop and selecting the right feed, to more advanced considerations like disease prevention, breeding, and egg production optimization, our articles are crafted to provide practical advice and expert insights.

Whether you’re dealing with the challenges of keeping chickens in urban settings, looking for natural remedies for common ailments, or seeking tips on enhancing your chickens’ quality of life, our resources are here to support you on your journey. Dive into our comprehensive guides to become more informed and confident in your chicken care practices, ensuring your feathered friends thrive under your care.

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Chicken Breed Articles

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of chicken breeds, where poultry enthusiasts and farmers alike can explore the incredible diversity of the avian world. This category page serves as your gateway to discovering hundreds of chicken breeds, each with its own unique characteristics, history, and purpose.

From the majestic Orpington, known for its fluffy plumage and friendly nature, to the hardy Rhode Island Red, celebrated for its robust egg-laying capabilities, our collection spans the globe to bring you detailed articles on each breed. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your backyard flock, delving into the specifics of heritage breeds, or simply curious about the various types of chickens that roam the earth, you’ll find invaluable information here.

Dive into our articles to learn about the appearance, temperament, and utility of each breed, alongside fascinating insights into their origins and how they fit into the tapestry of poultry farming and hobbyist rearing. Let your journey into the world of chickens begin here!

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