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Blue Australorp chickens are great dual purpose hens

8 Super Star Chickens That Lay 300 Eggs a Year!

Several chicken breeds lay all year long- even in the dark of winter! Find out which breeds will keep you in eggs all year.


30+ Dual Purpose Chickens

These chicken breeds lay a lot of eggs and fatten nicely so you can have both meat and eggs on your homestead!

Dominique Chicken Are ideal dual purpose hens
Black Silkie chickens are beautiful

10 Exotic and Beautiful Chicken Breeds

These chicken breeds turn heads because of their lovely beauty. Unique and lovely, these breeds are great conversation starters.


Calm Breeds for Kids

Calm and mellow chicken breeds that make great pets for kids. With these breeds you won’t have to worry about roosters attacking your children.

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Chicken Breed Articles

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of chicken breeds, where poultry enthusiasts and farmers alike can explore the incredible diversity of the avian world. This category page serves as your gateway to discovering hundreds of chicken breeds, each with its own unique characteristics, history, and purpose.

From the majestic Orpington, known for its fluffy plumage and friendly nature, to the hardy Rhode Island Red, celebrated for its robust egg-laying capabilities, our collection spans the globe to bring you detailed articles on each breed. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your backyard flock, delving into the specifics of heritage breeds, or simply curious about the various types of chickens that roam the earth, you’ll find invaluable information here.

Dive into our articles to learn about the appearance, temperament, and utility of each breed, alongside fascinating insights into their origins and how they fit into the tapestry of poultry farming and hobbyist rearing. Let your journey into the world of chickens begin here!

Some rooster breeds are mellow (2)

20 Best Rooster Breeds For Backyard Flocks & Kids

Some rooster breeds are friendly and non-aggressive, even toward small children. My son’s first experience with an aggressive rooster left him chicken-shy for a little while. Fortunately, when we got roosters, we found chicken breeds with calm, friendly roosters. In this article, I’m going to cover the best rooster breeds…

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Chicken Breeds that lay dark brown eggs

5 Best Breeds of Chickens That Lay Dark Brown Eggs

One of the most fun things about having chickens that lay eggs is having multi-colored eggs, especially a dark chocolate brown egg. Most people don’t realize how dark brown some chicken eggs are and think of the common tan eggs. 5 Breeds of Chickens That Lay Dark Brown Eggs1. Barnevelder Chickens:…

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What chickens lay the most eggs 2 DLX2 PS

8 Superstar Chicken Breeds That Lay Over 300 Eggs A Year

As a dedicated chicken raiser, I have witnessed the incredible capabilities of certain chicken breeds that go above and beyond in their egg-laying prowess. Today, I invite you to delve into the fascinating world of chickens that lay an astonishing 300 eggs a year or more. These exceptional avian champions…

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Bresse chickens in USA are called American Bresse Chicken DLX1 PS

American Bresse Chicken: Dual Purpose Bird Ideal for Homesteaders

As a lover of fine cuisine, I have always been intrigued by the reputation of the Bresse chicken, known for its exceptional flavor and quality. Originating from eastern France, this breed has been prized for over 500 years and is considered a national treasure in its homeland.  What’s So Special…

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Ancona chickens are black birds with white-tipped feathers DLX2 PS

Ancona Chickens: Early Layers and High Productivity

This medium-sized chicken hails from the city of Ancona in Central Italy and is one of the best egg layer breeds in the world. They were imported to England in 1850. After that, they became a prime egg breed across Europe. They are very flighty and often considered wild. That’s…

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Araucana chickens have tufts on their cheeks (1)

Araucana Chicken Guide: All Your Questions Answered

  Thanks to Araucana chickens, we can enjoy the blue and green eggs. Today, many chicken breeds and crossbreeds lay a tinted blue or green egg because of Araucana chicken ancestors.  Did you know?  All blue colored eggs can trace their ancestry back to an Araucana ancestor. The Ameraucana chicken…

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