Beginners Guide to Raising Sheep 101

Although raising sheep can be rewarding, it requires specific management abilities to be successful. Crossbreeding is an efficient strategy that is simple to use to boost flock productivity. However, ensuring your sheep are housed in a secure environment with adequate ventilation is crucial because overheating and disease problems can develop in poorly ventilated areas.

Additionally, minimizing stress for your flock’s ewes and lambs through weaning preparation is crucial. Maintaining the health of your animals is essential for ensuring their welfare and preventing the need for treatment. To assist you in beginning your journey into sheep-raising, in this guide, I will examine the fundamentals of raising sheep, including breeding, housing, nutrition, and health management.

Alpacas guard sheep against coyotes (1)

Reproduction and Breeding Sheep Basics

How to Tell if an Ewe is Pregnant or Ready to Give Birth

Leicester Longwool are naturally polled sheep (1)
Leicester Longwool Sheep

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