Teschen disease in pigs can attack your pig’s motor and sensory nerves

Paralyzed Pig- Is it Teschen Disease?

Teschen disease is an infection that can attack your pig’s motor and sensory nerves. This infection causes paralysis and, in severe cases, can result in complete paralysis of your pig’s hind area.

Strangely enough, even though your pig may be paralyzed in the hind area, they can still feel pin pricks and normal sensations. You must treat this disease early, as severe cases can result in irreversible damage.

Keep a careful lookout for any of these signs so you can diagnose your pig early and begin taking steps to manage the disease. Signs of Teschen disease include the loss of its rear legs, dragging its bottom, and paralysis in the back end. It may seem depressed and stop eating for a few days. Pigs with early stages of Teschen disease will appear unsteady on their feet. They may struggle to stand up. 

Weaned and young pigs most often show signs of Teschen disease. This virus multiplies in the intestines and leaves the body through the feces. Teschen disease is hardy, and you must keep the floor area sanitized to avoid spreading the disease to the rest of the herd. Isolating the infected pigs is a must.

Pig can't stand up may be caused by Teschen disease

Signs of Teschen Disease

When your pigs contract Teschen disease, they may lose their appetite and start dragging their hind legs and struggling to walk. The pig may also seem depressed and unenthusiastic to move around. Your pig may be unsteady on its feet and prefer to be in a dog-sitting position.

But, If your pig has sores on it’s back, it might be Dippity pig syndrome.

Pig hind leg paralysis treatment 

It’s best to administer preventative vaccinations against Teschen disease to prevent your pig or herd from becoming infected. A vet will also administer antibiotics to fight the infection.

Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment, so preventative measures are necessary (like keeping the sty hygienic and providing freshwater). Teschen disease can destroy the motor nerves of the pig, resulting in irreversible damage. 

  • The loss of the hind legs and rear end
  • Dragging their limbs
  • Depression
  • Not eating for a day or two
  • Unsteady on their feet when moving around
  • Difficulty standing up out of a dog-sitting position

Steps to Take if Your Pig’s Hind Area is Paralyzed: 

Teschen disease mutates over time, and no effective treatment can be given to your pig. The best thing for your pig is to take them to the vet for antibiotics if they have any infections and provide them with a preventative vaccination before symptoms arise.

You must ensure that piglets have consumed enough colostrum after birth to prevent them from catching this teschen. Colostrum, or the sow’s first milk, is rich in antibodies, which can help prevent this disease in the piglets (if the sow has been vaccinated). Therefore, drinking colostrum will help boost the piglets’ immunity. (Note: if piglets’ legs are splayed, you’ll want to also check out the symptoms for Splayed Leg Syndrome)


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My Most Used Pig Supplies

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Purina Pig Chow will last well (or Mazuri is popular, but I haven’t tried it), and the stainless steel non-skid bowls that will help keep the mess down.

A pig blanket to keep her warm. This one also has bright colors and helps to provide rooting without the destruction.

Pig Harness for walking and handling your pig. There are a lot to choose from, but this one is pretty easy to use. If you want one that has a separate leash, this looks like a good one.

A large crate for keeping her safe in your house at night and when you leave the house. This is essential. You’ll also want a litterbox, and I like mine with a lid for nighttime. Pine shavings are best, and you may be able to find them in larger quantities locally.

When you have accidents, Odoban will help eliminate odors. When you are potty training, these floor pads work great for keeping your house clean while training her to go in certain places.

You’ll also want an outdoor house to keep her warm when she gets outside time, an essential part of her development.

Dewormer- Ivermectin is the primary dewormer I use, although I do rotate with a non-ivermect ingredient once so that the worms don’t get immune to it.

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