Author name: Talitha van Niekerk

Hi, I’m Talitha van Niekerk, and I made the leap to farm animal ownership when I decided to fulfil my lifelong passion to own horses. Now, over a decade later, I run a public stable facility on 180 acres of land, caring for over 75 horses of all breeds and sizes. I love to write about my experiences, sharing the knowledge I have gained and helping others achieve their life’s passion to live on the land. See my about page here.

Understanding Respiratory Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Pigs

Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Pigs Another common disease in pigs is Mycoplasma Pneumonia. This chronic respiratory disease causes persistent dry cough and growth retardation in pigs. The disease is caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and forms lesions in your pig’s lungs. Due to the severity of the disease, your pigs will be susceptible to secondary infections such

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