Welsummer hens are an ideal choice

Welsummer Chickens: Delightful Speckled Brown Eggs

For those seeking speckled brown egg layers, Welsummer hens are an ideal choice. While the hens themselves may not be instantly recognizable, you’ll certainly be familiar with their most renowned symbol, the Kellogg rooster.

Welsummer chicken eggs have a beautiful and unique dark brown color, often resembling a deep rust shade. The speckled pattern on their eggs adds to their visual appeal.

On average, Welsummer hens can lay around four to five eggs weekly. This makes them consistent producers of fresh eggs, providing a steady supply for egg enthusiasts.

They are one of the most useful, but underutilized chicken breeds worldwide. They are one of five dark egg laying chickens. One reason for this may be that the Welsummer variety is new to the poultry world.

They were bred in Holland, in the Dutch village of Welsum in the early 1900s. In 1921, they debuted at the Hagues World Poultry Congress, where they were instantly valued and loved.

Welsummers were bred as a dual-purpose, dark brown egg chickens. They were bred from local varieties, called landrace, and have some of the same ancestors as Maran chickens.

Welsummers are a beloved chicken of the English. Prince Charles has kept a flock for many years.

Welsummer chicken eggs have a beautiful and unique dark brown color

Welsummer Chicken Physical Characteristics

Welsummer chickens feature beautiful shades of red and black. Hens and roosters have different coloring that makes them sexable as chicks. They have broad backs and a full breast. Their tail is long and full. They feature a single five-point comb.

Their feet and shanks are free of feathers and they have four toes.

Hens have beautiful shades of dark brown to golden. The tail starts with a deep reddish-brown and moves into a red partridge pattern in the body with the neck turning more golden.

The feathers have light brown patterning on them. Roosters have a chestnut brown coloring with an iridescent green undercoat.

It’s easy to autosex them. Girls have a vivid distinct pattern and a darker head. Males have broken fuzzier patterning.

The Dutch and British Standards accepted Welsummers in 1930.

They were accepted into the APA in 1991. Red Partridge is the official color of the American Poultry Association. It is sometimes called Red-breasted black. Unofficial colors include gold duckwing and silver duckwing.

Welsummer chickens feature beautiful shades of red and black

Reasons To Own Welsummer Chickens

There are many reasons to own the chicken named the British “Best Utility Breed” award. Welsummers are a great meat bird and reach a decent size. Even more incredible, their dark brown eggs are speckled and lovely.

Roosters grow to 6-7 lbs (2.7-3.2 kgs), while hens grow 4.5-5.5 lbs (2-2.5 kgs).

Welsummer hens lay about 160-200 eggs a year. The crowning feature is that the eggs are a very vivid speckled brown and large in size.

In fact, the terracotta coloring is so vivid that it can wipe off when you clean it if you aren’t careful. Hens lay fewer eggs in the winter, but they lay for a solid 3 years before their production decreases.

Hens aren’t great mothers and rarely get broody.

Welsummers are a great meat bird and can reach a decent size
Photo Credit sammydavisdog Flickr

Caring For Your Welsummer Chickens

Welsummers are easy chickens to care for because they are very durable. They do good in confinement and are intelligent birds.

They will be steady and won’t be bullied, but they aren’t pushy to other birds either. They usually end up in the middle to top of the pecking order.

Although they take smaller spaces well, they are noisy so they may not be the best option for anyone with close neighbors. They don’t fly well and also won’t escape backyards.

Welsummers are great foragers.

They are fairly friendly but won’t ever become a lap chicken.

They are heat hardy but not as cold-hardy. Their wattles are subject to frostbite and will need to be cared for in the winter.

Welsummers are docile, active and friendly. They are a great family chicken. They are very rare in the United States, but are very popular in the United Kingdom and Australia.

ClimatePersonalityUseSizeEggs/ YrBrooderForages
Hot Active



Meat & EggsM: 7  lbs


F: 5.5 lbs

  • Obscure Brown Speckled Eggs
  • Dual Purpose chicken
  • Active & Friendly
Welsummers are easy chickens to care for because they are very durable

My Favorite Chicken and Duck Supplies

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Layer Feed by Manna Pro. I like pellets rather than crumbles as my chickens eat them better and less gets wasted or scavenged by rodents. A good layer feed makes the difference in hens laying many more eggs.

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I love this chicken veggie hanger. It makes it easy to give your chickens produce from the garden and keep them occupied in the winter with a fresh head of lettuce.

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Welsummer Chicken FAQs

Do Welsummer chickens require special care or attention?

Welsummer chickens are generally low-maintenance and easy to care for. They adapt well to various climates and are known for their hardiness. However, like any other chicken breed, they require appropriate housing, regular feeding, access to clean water, and protection from predators.

How much do Welsummer hens and roosters weigh?

Welsummer hens typically weigh around 6-7 pounds (2.7-3.2 kilograms), while roosters tend to be slightly heavier, ranging from 7-8 pounds (3.2-3.6 kilograms). These weight ranges provide an estimate of their average size and stature.

Are Welsummer chickens suitable for backyard or urban settings?

Yes, Welsummer chickens can be well-suited for backyard or urban settings. They are relatively calm and docile birds, making them easier to handle and tolerate in smaller spaces. However, local regulations and restrictions regarding poultry-keeping should always be considered.

Can Welsummer chickens be good pets?

Welsummer chickens can indeed make great pets. They are known for their friendly nature and can develop a bond with their owners. Additionally, their attractive appearance and unique eggs can add charm to any backyard flock.

Are Welsummer chickens good for meat production?

While Welsummer chickens are primarily known for their egg-laying capabilities, their meat is also of good quality. However, they are not typically bred for intensive meat production like some specialized meat breeds.

How long do Welsummer chickens live?

With proper care and a healthy environment, Welsummer chickens can live for an average of 6 to 8 years. However, individual lifespan can vary depending on factors such as genetics, nutrition, and overall health.

Can Welsummer chickens go broody?

Yes, Welsummer hens have a tendency to go broody. This means they may strongly desire to sit on and hatch eggs. Some poultry keepers appreciate this broody behavior, as it allows for natural incubation and the possibility of raising chicks.


Welsummer chickens are a great dark brown egg laying hen. If you are looking for another great hen, you might want to look at the Penedesenca chicken, a Spanish breed rapidly gaining popularity!

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