Pig Refuses to Get Up- What’s Wrong?

Sick pig refuses to get up may be experiencing joint pain DLX2 PS

Reluctance to Get Up Is Not Healthy For Pigs

Noticing that your pig is reluctant to get up, especially if it’s feeding time, is a cause for concern. Your pig may be experiencing joint pain from an injury or a bacterial muscle infection, such as one of the Clostridial diseases. Clostridial diseases arise from bacteria that are found everywhere in the environment. They include diseases such as tetanus, blackleg, black disease, pulpy kidney, botulism, and malignant oedema. 

Symptoms of clostridial diseases include swollen muscles, lethargy or listlessness, red rashes, stiff legs, severe lameness, paralyzed tongues, and other muscle and functional issues. Pigs may also have diarrhea that’s blood-tinged. 

A few symptoms you will notice are:

  • Swollen muscles
  • Lethargy
  • Red rash on the skin

Steps to Take if Your Pig Doesn’t Want to Get Up 

If you suspect a Clostridial disease, it’s critical that you call your vet and get your pig tested. Your pig will need penicillin for about a month and will need anti-inflammatory drugs to help reduce the painful swelling of its muscles. Pigs should be encouraged to move around, which will facilitate healing. It can be a bit of work to get your pig back up to normal, but if you don’t, it can face paralysis and death. 

  1. Test your pig for Clostridial disease through your vet
  2. Administer Penicillin for about 3 to 4 weeks.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling of the muscles.
  4. Gentle walking promotes blood flow.
  5. Moving your pig to a pen with sand or sawdust shaving flooring can also help exercise and loosen the muscles.

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