Black star chickens are heavy egg layers

Black Star Chickens: Unveiling Their Superior Egg-Laying Skills

Black Stars can be a good meat bird but are more often used for egg-laying. In fact they rank as one of the highest egg-laying chicken. The roosters will grow to 7-8 lbs (3.5 kg). The hens will reach about 5 lbs (2.25 kgs) in about 20 weeks. They are medium-heavy birds.

The Black Star is a hybrid chicken. They are bred with a cross of a Barred Plymouth Rock hen with a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire male.

After World War II, soldiers returned home, but a lot of food was still rationed. The Black Star was bred in the 1950s to provide higher egg production for returning soldiers and their families.  

Black star chickens are not considered an actual chicken breed by the APA

Black Star Physical Attributes

Because they are a hybrid, the hens won’t breed true to breed. They will be other cross-breeds.

Black Star chicks are easy to sex. The hens are all black with light golden feathers on the breast. The roosters are all black with white spots or stars. One white spot will be on the rooster’s head.

They have a single red comb and yellow legs. Sometimes “black stars” are sold that can’t be sexed. These types of chicks aren’t true Black Star chicks.

Because they are a hybrid breed, they aren’t considered an actual chicken breed by the APA and aren’t admitted. Additionally, different hatcheries may sell Black Stars and other sex-link chickens under various names.

Black Star chickens don’t generally have many health issues

Caring For Your Black Star Chickens

Black Star chickens don’t generally have many health issues. They are resistant to many chicken diseases. The main health issue they face is reproductive issues. Any chicken that lays large amounts of eggs a year has a very short lifespan.

The hens can get egg binding or egg yolk peritonitis. Because of reproductive stress, hens usually only live for 2-3 years.

Black Stars are friendly, curious and adaptable. They do well in cold and hot climates as long as they have shelter. They make a really good pet chicken and can be very cuddly if raised from a chick. They can be a lap chicken. They aren’t flighty or nervous.

Black Stars are good foragers.

They aren’t noisy but will announce an egg. They make good backyard chickens because they are quieter and they aren’t as flighty.

They are also good chickens for beginners.  

ClimatePersonalityUseSizeEggs/ YrBrooderForages
Hot & ColdCalm, FriendlyEggs & MeatM: 8.5 lbs


F: 6 lbs

  • Dual purpose 300 eggs 8 lbs
  • Hybrid: chicks don’t breed true
  • Shorter life & laying life

My Favorite Chicken and Duck Supplies

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Manna Pro Oyster Shell keeps eggs strong. Before I gave my chickens oyster shell, I had the oddest eggs, many with weak and irregular shells. Now, I don’t have an issue.

Layer Feed by Manna Pro. I like pellets rather than crumbles as my chickens eat them better and less gets wasted or scavenged by rodents. A good layer feed makes the difference in hens laying many more eggs.

My chickens love this mealworm treat, which gives added protein, something that’s great during molting and winter months.

There are many ways to feed and water your chickens. I like this food and water setup the best because it reduces waste, saves me time feeding and watering, and keeps the food fresh longer. Except, in the winter, I use a heated waterer. The only problem is the heated waterers need to be replaced every few years.

I love this chicken veggie hanger. It makes it easy to give your chickens produce from the garden and keep them occupied in the winter with a fresh head of lettuce.

These chicken toys are a hoot! They will help curb bullying and keep your chickens active, especially in the winter when hens tend to get more lethargic.

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