Caring for Scours In Goats: Treating and Preventing Scours

Scours causes your goat to dehydrate
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Goat diarrhea, or runny poop is referred to as scours. Too much milk or too much grain feeding can result in sour milk. Scours is more likely to affect goat kids than fully-grown goats, though adults are not immune to it.
Coccidiosis, an intestinal parasitic disease, and enterotoxemia, a bacterial infection, are additional causes of scours.
Scours is characterized by teeth grinding and diarrhea. Fecal matter can range in color from light white to watery brown. Stop giving your goat milk and grain to stop scours. You can administer kaolin-pectin along with lots of water if the condition is severe.

Scours Treatment

First, control watery poop by giving your goat anti-diarrheal medication such as Kaolin-pectin or Pepto-Bismol. Avoid giving them any dairy products, as this will make it worse. Avoid dehydration and keep your goat hydrated with plenty of fluids and electrolytes. If the diarrhea continues, contact the vet immediately.

Scours causes your goat to dehydrate at a fast rate. You must give them electrolytes. You can make your own electrolyte solution by mixing 2 teaspoons of salt, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, ½ a cup of honey (or molasses), and 4 quarts of lukewarm water. 
This can be given to your goat with a syringe. Once the goat has recovered, you’ll need to rectify the gut flora with a probiotic such as Probios. Other methods include giving your goat kombucha or fermented foods. Ensure your goats are vaccinated regularly with Litterguard® LT-C, which helps prevent scours.

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